TheFrogInYourThroat A grey stork with a frog in its beak while the frogs hands are wrapped around the storks throat.

A grown-up "Un-Fairy Tale"

The Frog In Your Throat

(An Unconventional Primer For Life’s Hurdles)

The Frog Book

Sheral DeVaughn takes you on an adventure where there are no fairy godmothers nor white knights in shining armor, but there still are steps you can take to get to your “happily ever after.”

Using anecdotes of her own personal struggles, and professional obstacles in both the radio and wine and spirit industries, she masterfully tells stories and gives you steps on how to overcome your own hurdles and find your voice once again.

Part autobiography, part motivational book, part self-help primer, you’ll find a piece of your own story within the pages, and discover where you might be holding yourself back, how to come to terms with life’s scars and baggage, and how to get yourself to the finish line of a life that is fulfilling and joyful.

If you’ve ever felt like you have an “invisible voice” and struggle to be heard, then The Frog in Your Throat is the unconventional primer you need to leap over life’s hurdles and open the door to a more satisfying life experience.

A grey stork with a frog in its beak while the frogs hands are wrapped around the storks throat.
TheFrogInYourThroat A grey stork with a frog in its beak while the frogs hands are wrapped around the storks throat.

I met this wonderful author at a conference and she was an inspiration from the first words she spoke to me. Sheral's breakdown of FROGs and STORKs and a few other words empowered me to overcome some obsticles I've been stumbling over for years and years. Her easy to read stories were relatable and taught me how to help myself instead of getting in my own way. I have since purchased The Frog in Your Throat multiple times to give away as gifts, to my people who have been struggling to be heard and seen. This book makes a difference!

jrm577 February 23, 2023

I am so happy I picked up this book. It was a quick read and easy to get into. I related to so many of the stories in the book and it opened my eyes to an alternative solution. Recommended for all business owners who find themselves struggling to keep going. Thank you for sharing your personal stories.

M. M. rempe February 17, 2023

As a best-selling author myself, I know what it takes to write a book that engages readers. Sheral DeVaughn has done just that in her book The Frog In Your Throat. And what a story! She shares with us her amazing experiences in the world of radio giving us all a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes business side. Beyond that, she walks us through several other unique experiences painting a beautiful picture of how to use our voice to make an impact in our lives as well as others. The book is filled with golden nuggets. It's a quick read, entertaining, inspirational, educational, and one I highly recommend you read!

Tina Brandau February 6, 2023

"The Frog in your throat" really resonated with me! The author is so honest about her journey, including the failures, and comes across as someone who has dug deep to meet her challenges. It's one thing to write a memoir about one's experience, but for someone to take their own battles and use that fuel to help create lessons for others on how to navigate and overcome adversity... it's very special, and so needed in today's world. This book truly inspired me! I can't wait for Sheral Devaughn's next work!

Kevin Tetz December 6, 2022

Such a powerful book and story. Very inspirational and motivational.

MartaSpirk September 24, 2022

Sheral DeVaughn’s book The Frog in Your Throat is simply brilliant. Her no-nonsense living-writing style brings practicality to overcoming seemingly insurmountable hurdles along life’s highway. I cannot tell you how often I found myself in your story. Thank you for having the courage, words & resilience to bring this to life! Are you planning a book tour? If so, where in OKC/Tulsa are you doing a book signing? If not, WHAT? How can I assist in making THAT happen? I highly recommend everyone read this book as it’s too easy to become our own STORK & it’s not always easy spotting & LEAPING. Simply Brilliant!

Elisa Standridge September 12, 2022

This book is a must have for those looking for inspiration and a little kick start to help them find that drive again to improve their lives. Sheral always has the humor, wit and wisdom that keeps you engaged throughout the whole book. Buy now!

lisa September 5, 2022

An interesting read on things we all face on one level or another and how to deal with it. A funny, insightful book on finding your voice and actually listening to that voice. A good, fun, fast read.

Avid Reader September 4, 2022

I've always known Sheral to be a story teller extraordinaire, and "The Frog in Your Throat" doesn't disappoint! It is, rather, her crowning glory to date. An entertaining comedy/tragedy of lifelong personal experiences with which we can ALL identify, and from which she not only emerges as our champion, she leads us all to becoming our own champions as well. KUDOS Sheral! I read this in one sitting late last night and have been thinking about it all day. I've come away with two, how is it we know so little about those we have known so well for so long? Which leads me to my second thought. We should all be A.L.E.R.T! (A Loving Emissary in Tough Times) to lift up ourselves and others. BE A.L.E.R.T! Keep the F.R.O.G.S.!

Sheral De Vaughn

Meet Sheral

Sheral DeVaughn is a 3-time, #1-rated radio morning show host and podcast host. She is a sought after speaker impacting global audiences and is the voice on commercials and marketing promotions nationwide. She is the founder of Speaking with Sher, a Communication Strategy Consultation service connecting your voice and your message to your ideal audience.